Ray Noir is a recording artist living in London. The hectic, dangerous, unique city provides the perfect backdrop for his disruptive style and daring music, an instantly recognizable face on London's gritty Scene. Ray Noir grew up in the comparatively tranquil climes of Norway, traveling through cities like Oslo and Paris before settling in London. Influenced by the metal, industrial and goth movements, cutting his teeth on artists such as Marilyn Manson, The Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. Striking out on his own at just fifteen, he surrounded himself with like-minded people and environments. By eighteen he was working in Bodymap in Oslo, a notorious emporium of cult trinkets, frequented by Scandinavia's rock and metal elite. This is where he met the bands that would inspire him to get into music. He went on tour as part of the crew with bands like Gothminister, Mortiis, and Theatre of Tragedy around Europe, UK, and Scandinavia.

Ray Noir has been a stable fixture on the London Scene with his own productions. After meeting Frankmusik at a party in London, the two collaborated in the studio and birthed Ray's first hit, punk/industrial stomper 'DOUBLE TROUBLE' to critical success. After this success, he has teamed up with Mariann Rosa of Surferosa fame for his single 'ALL ALONE'. With these two singles, which both reached the German Alternative Charts, he toured around the world in countries in like Scandinavia, Europe, UK, and Japan, with publications following him wherever he goes. Up til now, Ray has achieved his success through the generosity and belief from his fans, using twisted crowdfunding schemes where the reward is your name tattooed on his body as a way for him to achieve his goals. His upcoming album 'You, Me & the Devil' is supported by Art Council England.

“My upcoming debut album – 'You, Me & the Devil', referencing the plagues in my head, It's purpose is to scream the struggles of kids today. Through fucked up fusion of black metal and pop I stand alone, emerging from shadows you never knew existed. My work is a sordid industrial rock sound. Constantly stabbing at the boundaries of what's acceptable, cross-fertilizing the scene with new ideas.”

Ray's smokily sexy look is mirrored in his music, different and defiantly original.