Pre-order 2 exclusive Ray Noir T-shirts and other merchandise!

Pre-order these two Ray Noir T-shirts on the crowdfunding which is running until 4th of August. Get one for £20 + Shipping or 2 for £35 + Shipping. You can also pre-order a merchandise bundle with T-shirts, beanie, signed poster, stickers and previous EP's 'Double Trouble' & 'All Alone' and on top of that receive the upcoming album before it's released. 

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Contribute on Ray Noir's crowdfunding at IndieGoGo for the production on his debut album

Ray Noir has just launched a crowdfunding at IndieGoGo to be able to produce his debut album. He will be working with London producer Carlie Dawe from the band Ventenner. 

Check out the different rewards like T-shirts, signed posters, get your name tattooed on Ray's body, dinner date in London, get an exclusive concert with Ray and also get his leather jacket used for press photos, live gigs and so on. 

Check out the crowdfunding HERE


Photo: Simon Martner