Ray Noir is playing a concert for Vivienne Westwood's Climate Revolution party the 20th of September!

A night of talks, live music and secret cinema is being organised by Vivienne Westwood with an aim to wake up the activist inside you. Taking place at London's The Box nightclub, Climate Revolution Presents: IoU is a continuation of the legendary designer's platform: a student movement that opposes the current political, economic and social dogma.

"We are student intellectuals spreading IoU (we owe each other the world) through the colleges of the UK," she says. "The present world suffers from the isolation of intellectuals, therefore to that extent, everyone is isolated: it is through culture that we link together."

Speakers on the night include Vivienne herself, alongside ocean activists Project 0's James Jagger and Mike Walker. Music will be provided by Ray Noir with Mariann Rosa, Raindog and Mic Righteous, the British MC with whom Vivienne recently made her rap debut on the track, Be There.

Entry is free to anyone between the ages of 18-25 but be sure to read the dress code: attendees are required to wear their finest "sea warrior" garb.



Ray Noir on Revolutionary Gay Magazine's Top 35 LGBT Creative Minds list!

'Often times we hope to see people who are just like us, achieving greatness, attaining their goals and living their life fully; We don’t always open a magazine or turn on the television and see people staring back at us with whom we can relate to; That’s why this List was created…to shine a spotlight on people in The LGBT Community (And Their Supporters) who deserve recognition, respect, love and our attention. Each month the set changes, but the THANK YOU is still the same.'